The combination of our industry-leading evaluation tools, business development support methodologies and world-class technical manufacturing acumen, sets us apart from other role-players in the area of manufacturing-related enterprise development.

A 15-year track record and our expansive team of in-house experts in disciplines like World-Class manufacturing, QMS, Compliance and Marketing enable us to provide a reliable, turnkey service needed to successfully develop and/or grow and integrate, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into established procurement processes and supply chain systems – with a focus on the manufacturing sectors.

Our proven methodology. Our support interventions are focussed on two different Enterprise Development (ED) needs: Creating a new enterprise. Supporting an existing small, emerging or struggling entity. These needs are addressed to meet a range of benefits which include: Supply Chain Localisation. Supply Chain Transformation. Job Creation. supplier Development and certification. Improved supply chain efficiency, quality, cost, delivery.
1. CREATING A NEW ENTERPRISE. 1- Market Analysis - We do market research on feasible sectors for new business entrants, based on geographic location, the nature of the sector, resources required by the entity, degree of preparedness of entrepreneur and supply chain requirements. 2 - Entrepreneur Profiling and Analysis - The motivation, capability and potential of the entrepreneur is critical. 3 - Business Case Study and Implementation - We match the industry sector with the resources of the entrepreneur and develop, with the new entity's management, a production and marketing/sales plan. We use our established networks with industry and government to provide resources (eg training, infrastructure, leads) and linkages (market access). 4 - Accurate Reporting - The accurate and formal reporting, certifications and registration of the business is an essential discipline and tool to not only acquire new business but track and improve performance. 2. Supporting an existing small, emerging or struggling entity. 1 - Baseline Audit - We perform a gap analysis and lest the organrsat1on's People, Skills, Tools, Infrastructure, Process and Output. 2 - Diagnostic - The results viewed agamst a benchmarked or provided standard enables a detailed development plan. 3 - Development Support Pathway - We design a specific plan of action to bridge gaps and reach desired outcomes. This will almost certainly include factory floor technical techniques. Coaching and !raining and process improvement. 4 - Audited Results - Tracking, audited results and improvements, regularly to provide a continuous improvement feedback loop.
Common thread is intensive on-site shopfloor mentorship and training (Management Accounting, Customer Service, Technical) and:


Type of support interventions: Specialised Support - A long-term support engagement with dedicated Business Deelopment Serices agent. Geared to address the needs of the individual business. 12 Month strategic support and mentoring. Quarterly milestone plotting and measurement. Support in technically demanding industry regulation compliance eg. Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI), Standards Certifications, etc. Medium Level Support - A medium-term support engagement offering specific services including: Developing consistency in business practices (costing, quoting, invoicing, etc.). Developing Customer Relationship Management practises. Developing internal systems. Ensuring financial management is present and consistent. Foundational Support. On-demand support including training and navigation. Compliance to basic requirements in sector (VAT certificate, CIPC reg, etc.) Basic financial management skills transfer. Business process training. We do a full-spectrum analysis of your business. This includes the your business. Your operation business must be evaluated across all aspects of its functioning. Business Site. Equipment & infrastructure. Operations Management production quality and safety. Customer relationship management. Marketing & advertising. Financial Gearing. Human Resources.
How we contribute to the economy: 1. Enterprise Development, 2. Supplier Development, 3. Organisational Prosperity. About the AIDCEC The AIDC EC was established in 2003 as an implementing agent of government's support to the manufacturing industry. It deploys a range of services deep into the supply chain in the areas of Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Organisational Prosperity. For comprehensive information about us view

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