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Your gateway to entrepreneurship…

If you are an entrepreneur and you qualify, we will provide you with all the support you need to start and sustain your very own business.

We will:

  • Connect you with industry partners/brands/suppliers
  • Assist you acquire premises and relevant support infrastructure, including equipment
  • Provide product and business management training and ongoing mentoring
  • Help you register your business and build your brand to the point of sustainable sales revenue.
  • Help you implement quality management systems and certifications required by the supply chain.
  • Our support is personal and hands-on.



As an investor in enterprise development, you want to know that your contribution is making a real, measureable impact.

Our track record and accountability attached to our meticulous methodology, ensures this:

Our service offering is suited to business entities in South Africa, in particular those that are looking to empower and grow sustainable small, medium and micro enterprises that can add value to the corporate supply chain.

We have a network of emerging black owned suppliers, that we can match/source to your supply needs or develop suppliers earmarked by your own company.

Our history of providing world-class manufacturing and logistical supplier development interventions for over 15 years, positions us ahead of other ED consultancies who do not have an in-depth understanding of manufacturing demands, techniques (Lean Manufacturing), standards (QMS) and Cost, Quality and Delivery imperatives, across manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors.

As part of the exercise, the supporting evidence needed to secure ED program points on the Broad-Based BEE (B-BBEE) scorecard would be detailed.

We adopt a phased approach:

Step I: Entrepreneur Engagement

The identification of entrepreneurs and black-owned small business who are committed to meeting high demands and meet our criteria through tough screening processes.

Step II: Due Diligence
We build a business case and plan in engagement with the black owned suppliers.  A project plan and other supporting evidence is acquired to ensure an optimal fit and that benefits under the ED program as defined in the B-BBBEE codes are met.

Step III: Development Programmes

A business coach, who has access to our entire team of engineers, accountants and marketers will work closely with the company and matched partners over a three-year period (or other agreed period) to assist in the on-going sustainability and growth of the supplier.

This can include:

  • Plant and equipment + supporting infrastructure
  • Training and staff
  • Branding and marketing
  • Business systems and process
  • Accounting and reporting
  • QMS
  • Supplier Development (World-Class Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, TPM, Cleaner Production, et al)


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Visit the AIDCEC website   |
041 393 2100 

© 2018   |   AIDCEC   |   All Rights Reserved